Dementia-friendly checkouts

We opened the first ever dementia-friendly checkout till in a Chester supermarket!

Read what Tesco had to say on their blog

“We had been fundraising for the local hospital and wanted to do more, then they suggested we went to a Dementia Friends session. Andy Tysoe, a Memory Nurse from the Countess of Chester Hospital and a Dementia Friends champion instantly gripped us – he had a vision of a dementia-friendly checkout for supermarkets (he’d even Photoshopped their logo onto a picture of a checkout!).

Myself and my colleague Nicola wanted to launch the dementia-friendly checkout and open up 11 of our disabled car parking spaces for people with dementia, ready for Dementia Awareness Week on the 18th of May (which was three and a half weeks away!). Our Store Manager loved the idea so off I went emailing head office to see if we could do it. Everyone I spoke to from the carpark and community teams thought it was a brilliant idea, but these things take time as they have to be done in the right way.” (…)

“Tesco becomes first supermarket to introduce dementia friendly checkouts” – Business Disability Forum, August 2015. (More)

“Ringing up Two-for-One Success Stories in Dementia Awareness Week” – Pippa Kelly, May 2015. (More)

 “UK’s first ‘dementia-friendly’ supermarket checkout opens in Chester” – Homecare, Oct 2015. (More)

“We are now very impressed and encouraged to know that you are looking far beyond.Dementia friendly checkout may not be just a checkout, but the first step of changing perception and attitude of the workers.And then of visitors, and …. someday the whole city.” – Dr. Kentaro Horibe, Director at National Center for Geriatrics and Geriontology

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